This week I am revisiting another Disney Channel Original, talking about a very strange dream that had me in a cooking competition and a promo from Ba...View Details

This episode was not the easiest to record, but it had to be done. I delve a little deeper into my personal mental health struggles, but first, you ge...View Details

Books and more coffee

This week I review a Disney Channel Original from 1999, talk a bit about why anxiety and sleep never seem to mix where my brain is concerned and have ...View Details

This week I have a movie review (of a film I wish I hadn't watched). There's another weird dream. Why did my hair go bright ginger? And there's a prom...View Details

This week there is so much to talk about. My dreams keep on getting weirder, my opinions may not be popular with certain TV show fans and I will be go...View Details

An early start

This week I dig a little deeper into some pretty serious topics, including mental health and treatments during the lockdown (no, not balayage and high...View Details

In this first proper episode, I talk about what I did during lockdown. The nostalgic kick I went on, the movies I watched, the tv shows I didn't.  I t...View Details

Here's some of what you can expect from the first official season of Not Before Coffee! Books, TV, movies, reviews, opinions, weirdness...all the thin...View Details

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